Treating Behavioral Addictions

Behavioral addictions, also known as process addictions, include any behavior that has become compulsive, unmanageable, and is having a negative effect on you and those around you. This includes things such as:

Interestingly, with recent advances in medical technology, such as fMRI, researchers are discovering that the addictive patterns found in the brain of a substance addict, are in fact the same as someone addicted to a behavior. Essentially, your brain becomes wired for addiction whether it’s a substance or a behavior.

A process addiction can oftentimes fly under the radar for years and many counselors and psychologists are not trained to identify or treat them.

If you have found your way here my guess is that for either you, or someone you love, a behavior has become a significant enough problem to seek help. I encourage you to contact me with any questions you may have and or to schedule your initial consultation, which is 100% risk free.

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