Welcome, I’m glad you’re here.

I want to congratulate you on taking this difficult and important step of seeking out support.

For many, there comes a point when we realize that we cannot do it all on our own and become willing to take action and ask for the help we need. Though it may feel like you’ve failed in some way, seeking support is actually a powerful place to be with great potential for positive lasting change. Be encouraged. You’ve already taken the hardest step.

I offer a mindfulness based experiential approach to psychotherapy. This is a powerful and effective method that focuses on transformation in the present moment. Within the first few sessions you will likely experience a tangible shift from pain, confusion, or anxiety toward a sense of peace, calm, and clarity. You may just transform and heal beyond what you thought possible.

I am here to walk the journey with you and help guide you across what can feel like rough waters. To take the next step, please set up your risk-free consultation and begin your journey. To learn more about me and get answers to some frequently asked questions, click here.


Individual Therapy

A transformative healing journey where you overcome what is blocking you from the joy and wholeness of who you are.

Couples Therapy

A process of learning and growing in relationship and discovering how to transform conflict into connection.

Teen Therapy

Specialized support targeting the complex and unique challenges teens face including technology, social media, and addiction.

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Risk-Free Consultation

This 55-minute appointment gives you the chance to come in and see if I’m a good fit for you as a counselor. The appointment is 100% financially risk-free, so you will only be billed if you choose to continue counseling. Take the next step.