Anxiety & Depression

Specialized support to help individuals overcome anxiety and depression and live a joyful fulfilling life.

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Behavioral Addictions

Specialized support for those struggling to overcome addiction to sex, work, technology, pornography, exercise, or video games.

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Grief & Loss

Specialized support for those dealing with a significant loss and the natural and often difficult grieving process that follows.

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Chronic Pain & Illness

Specialized support and care for the unique challenges chronic pain and illness presents to living a full, rich, and happy life.

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Trauma & PTSD

Specialized support for the processing and resolution of traumatic experience and the resulting symptoms.

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Spiritual Integration

Specialized support for those facing the challenge of integrating spiritual experience into everyday life and the personality.

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Risk-Free Consultation

In this 55-minute appointment you can come in to see if therapy may help and if I’m a good fit for you as a counselor. The appointment is 100% risk-free, so if you choose not to continue with psychotherapy for any reason, you will not be billed. Take the next step.