Am I a Lazy Westerner? How a Culture of Active Avoidance Impacts Us All

In 2006 Sogyal Rinpoche, the world-renowned Tibetan Buddhist teacher and author of the highly acclaimed The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, called Westerners lazy.1 I know what you might be thinking, “How could I be lazy if I’m so busy all the time?!?” This is an important question
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Why Do Breakups Hurt So Much? A Survival Guide for the Experience of Love Lost

I can remember my first big breakup. It was gut-wrenchingly painful. I was twenty-two years old and very much in love. We had been together for nearly five years, which at that age felt like a lifetime. My mother had become very ill a few years prior and she was no longer able to pare
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Born Broken (Part 2) – To Miss The Mark: Reinterpreting Original Sin & The Mythology of The Fall

Welcome to part two of the blog series Born Broken. If you have not read part one I encourage you to do so first, otherwise you may feel a bit lost. Part two examines the basic question of what the purpose and function of myth is and how the creation myth of Genesis may have been misi
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‘You have to be ready for yourself’: Recovering Addicts Share Words of Wisdom for Those Thinking of Going to Treatment

The following is a guest post from Cecelia Johnson at RecognitionWorks on making the tough decision to go to treatment for addiction and the benefits that can come about from taking the leap: Introduction Going to treatment is a wonderful, life-changing decision that shouldn’t be take
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Born Broken (Part 1): Exploring the Psychological Impact of Original Sin and the Belief in Basic Badness

In 2008 I embarked upon a grand journey. I wanted to know why I had strong feelings of unworthiness, shame and self-hate buried deep within, despite having never been directly shamed by my parents or any religion. I also wanted to know why so many seem to struggle with varying forms o
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Dealing With the Divide: A Step-by-Step Guide for Navigating a Politically Divided Family

The country is reeling after a hugely divisive presidential campaign season and election, and now many find themselves turning away from the media to get a much needed break and to spend time connecting with friends and loved ones. However, for some there is no escaping the fresh woun
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The Drive for Romantic Love: Understanding the Neurobiology Behind Why We Fall in Love & Who We Fall in Love With

To begin, if you would please take a minute to think back to the moment you met the last person you truly fell in love with. Close your eyes and notice how vivid you can make the memory. Do you remember exactly how their face looked or the way they smelled? Chances are some pretty cle

Jumping for Joy: Unleashing the Power of Exercise for Mental Health & Wellbeing

As a psychotherapist one of the questions I always ask my clients in the first session is “Do you exercise regularly and if so how much?” This is actually a common question in the mental health field, the importance of which is backed by a good deal of research. Whether you are an avi

What is Sanity? Exploring the Meaning of Mental Health and the 6 Signs of Sanity

One of the questions I regularly ask myself, as a psychotherapist, is “What is sanity?” In other words, how do we/I define mental health? This is a very important question because it informs the very foundation of the practice of counseling. For me, this question often spurs a torrent

Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy: What You Need to Know About the Coming Sea Change in Mental Health

A change is coming to the field of mental health and it’s not what you might expect. Given current trends, it would not be imprudent to assume that this change might include better step-by-step workbook protocols able to be administered by computers for short-term care and backed by t